Поликлиника «ДОКТОР АЛЕКС», Харьков
г. Харьков, ул. Воробьева 4, ул. Пушкинская 30Б
+38(057, 093, 098, 099)719-88-88
Лицензия №571382 от 29.12.2010 г.

A multi-field clinic is "DOCTOR ALEX"

Поликлиника ДОКТОР АЛЕКС

Multi-field clinic "DOCTOR АЛЕКС" works with 1994

It is the clinical base of the Kharkiv medical academy of after a diploma education.

Here the best doctors advise and treat Kharkiv of all medical specialities.

A clinic is equipped by a modern diagnostic and medical equipment, part of which, as well as methods of treatment, are exclusive in Ukraine.

Here you will be helped in the decision of any medical problem.